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Motorcycle, Scooter, and Equipment Storage

In a modern metropolis, it is much easier to buy a means of transportation than to find a shelter for it. Every year, as the cold weather approaches, you face the question of how to properly store your motorcycle during winter. Leaving it on the street is not an option, and it becomes an inconvenience at home. Squeezing it onto a balcony or attic is also not feasible, and the constant worry of theft or rust prevents peace of mind when parking it outside or in a garage.

Professional self storage service Skladovka offers temporary or long-term storage solutions for motorcycles, as well as spare parts and tires, under the best conditions.

Winter storage for motorcycles can often be a major headache for riders, as it requires specific conditions that can be difficult to maintain independently. Popular storage options, such as keeping it in an apartment, on a parking lot, in a garage, in the entranceway/basement, or on the street, all have their drawbacks.

  • Leaving the motorcycle on the street during winter is not recommended, as it can lead to a 20-30% decrease in battery capacity, as well as scratches and minor damages. Direct sunlight can also damage the tires and plastic components, and the body can fade even with expensive coatings.
  • Storing it in an apartment can be a decent option if there is enough space. However, motorcycles take up a lot of room and may spoil the interior of the apartment, causing dissatisfaction among household members.
  • Storing it in a garage is not always a good solution either, as the garage needs to be warm and dry to prevent rust on the motorcycle.
  • Storing it in the basement or entranceway can be impossible or even dangerous since such areas are not always secured, and other residents may not appreciate such an arrangement.
  • Storing it in a parking lot can be a good option, but it requires a specifically equipped area with motorcycle stands.

The best solution may be entrusting your motorcycle to the professional storage services Skladovka, which offers year-round storage for motorcycles and other equipment. Our winter storage service does not involve preservation or cleaning. We simply store your vehicle securely in a warm and dry unit. It’s not just winter storage; it’s a hotel for motorcycles, scooters, and other equipment.

At Your Service:

Without compromise. Dry, warm, and clean motorcycle storage units for motorcycles and other equipment.

Without limitations. Flexible storage terms from one week to infinity.

Without problems. Visit your storage unit 24/7 at your convenience.

Without worries. Multilevel security system, 24/7 surveillance.

Without extra charges. You can always use your storage unit for storing spare parts, tires, and other items.

Without deception. Transparent payment system - no utility fees, commissions, or hidden charges.

You can rest assured that your equipment is in reliable hands.

We provide quality storage services for motorcycles, scooters, and other equipment at affordable prices. Contact us for more information about our services and rental terms for motorcycle storage units or warehouses.

We will always find the optimal solution for you.


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