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Proper storage of your belongings!

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Skladovka – a modern professional self-storage service.

We provide individual storage services to private individuals, business owners, and government organizations.

You can rent a storage unit of the necessary size to store personal belongings, furniture, goods, or equipment for any duration – from one week to infinity.

For your convenience, we operate 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Multi-level security and temperature control ensure proper and reliable storage of your property.

Free up your living space – rent an individual storage unit at Skladovka.

Why choose us?

Convenient location

Security system

24/7 access

Selection of storage units

All warehouses are owned

Calculation of storage costs

The calculator will help you estimate the cost of renting a storage unit for your belongings.
Please note that the price decreases depending on the rental period and payment method, making storage with us advantageous!
Most storage options are listed in the price list.
Feel free to ask us about any non-standard situation you have!


1 month

Price per month



Price per period




1 sq. m

Four simple steps to renting your own storage unit:


the size and rental period


by phone or online

Make payment

and sign the contract


your own storage space

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer such a service. Clients can leave their luggage, such as one or several suitcases, or rent a small storage room, also known as a locker (a unit of minimal size).
Self-storage is a service that provides individuals and businesses with secure storage space for their belongings or inventory. It involves renting storage units or rooms within a larger facility, typically a warehouse or storage complex. These units are designed to accommodate various sizes and types of items, ranging from personal belongings like furniture, appliances, and clothing to commercial goods, equipment, and documents.

Self-storage facilities offer customers the flexibility to store their possessions for short or long periods of time, depending on their needs. The rented storage units are typically accessed by the renters themselves, allowing them to easily store and retrieve their items as necessary. These facilities often provide security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and on-site staff to ensure the safety and protection of the stored belongings.

Self-storage has become a popular solution for individuals and businesses that require additional space for storing items that may not fit in their homes or offices. It offers convenience, security, and flexibility, allowing people to free up space in their living or working environments while still maintaining access to their stored belongings whenever needed.
The rental cost of a storage unit is fixed and includes all expenses. Clients only pay the established price without complications such as utilities or other fees. Depending on the rental period and payment terms, the price decreases. For more detailed information and to calculate prices, you can refer to the Cost section.

How to find us?

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Access to your storage unit is available 24/7,
including weekends and holidays.

Contract signing: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM or by appointment at any convenient time.