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Off-site document storage

Maintaining a document archive in accordance with the legislation is a mandatory requirement for every enterprise, whether it’s a government or commercial entity, a large holding company, or a small business. Proper archival document storage is the personal responsibility of management. Even with the transition to digital media, the significance of physical papers remains, as they can occupy a considerable amount of space. Despite the increasing use of electronic document management services like “Vchasno,” “M.E.Doc,” and “Paperless,” documentation continues to accumulate over time. The situation worsens during optimization processes, office relocations, or business liquidations.

Who may find the “Off-site document storage” service useful:

  • Companies of any ownership form and entrepreneurs who want to secure important documents from unforeseen events.
  • Individuals who wish to safeguard confidential documents from disclosure.
  • Businesses with extensive document archives seeking to free up space and relieve employees from routine tasks.
  • Companies in need of a reliable storage space for their documentation during periods of relocation, renovation, or any other interruptions to regular operations.

Advantages of off-site document storage:

Off-site document storage is an excellent alternative for companies of any profile:

  • Transferring documents to off-site storage does not require significant expenses or capital investments, such as constructing new facilities or purchasing shelving equipment for paper storage. Additionally, it allows you to avoid the constant need for document storage control and on-site presence.
  • By choosing off-site document storage services, you enable your company to focus on active development and progress, rather than getting lost in an ever-growing pile of papers. Entrusting your documents to professionals can help you save energy and time.
  • If you are undergoing repairs or a relocation and are uncertain where to store a large quantity of essential papers and documents, turning to experts who will securely store your documents without misplacing any crucial receipts or invoices is the best choice.

Our company’s document storage service helps organizations free up expensive office space and utilize it for other purposes, thereby increasing business efficiency.Skladovka organizes the transportation of clients’ belongings to and from the storage facility and provides special archival boxes for temporary document storage upon request.

For document storage, we offer:

A wide selection of box sizes for document storage

Flexibility to change boxes as the quantity of documents increases or decreases

All boxes are 3 meters high, allowing for cost-effective storage of a large volume of documents

Access and document handling for company representatives available 24/7

Multi-level security system, physical security, and video surveillance

Compliance with temperature and humidity conditions for better document preservation

Payment only for the rental space, no utility bills calculation

Flexible rental agreement terms for document storage boxes, ranging from one week to infinity

You can order the rental of a document storage box by phone or through our website. The experts at the Document Storage Service will be happy to tell you about all the collaboration possibilities. Whether your company is a small enterprise or a large holding, we will gladly assist you in storing your documentation.

Order our service today, and your documents will be securely stored tomorrow.


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