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Responsible Storage Warehouse

Responsible storage is a popular request on the internet when it comes to warehouse services. This service provides storage for goods, furniture, belongings, and other items that require temporary storage. The classic version of responsible storage involves restricted access to the warehouse, either limited or only possible in the presence of an accompanying person. It also includes storing property on shared shelves with others. Additionally, the service involves submitting a written request to retrieve the belongings within a certain time frame and constant packaging of items for their better preservation.

One of the main services provided by companies specializing in responsible storage is the temporary placement of goods and products in specially equipped warehouse facilities for a certain fee. This form of storage allows the customer to avoid the need to maintain their own warehouses and transfer the responsibility for preserving the goods throughout their time at the supplier’s warehouse.

A responsible storage warehouse, located in Kyiv, typically offers its clients a comprehensive range of warehousing services. It includes manual or mechanized unloading of goods from vehicles, acceptance and assembly of cargo, as well as palletizing and shipping.

To ensure careful responsible storage of goods, special attention should be paid to equipping warehouse facilities. Warehouses must meet all technical specifications required for each type of premises (including equipment and various devices designed to maintain the necessary temperature regime, among others).

One of the particularly popular services of responsible storage in warehouses is among Ukrainian companies engaged in seasonal business and logistics organizations.

Advantages of placing goods in responsible storage warehouses:

  • Flexible pricing (payment is made for the provided responsible storage services and the actual space used, avoiding the fluctuations in rental costs that occur with traditional warehouse leases, and there is no need to provide a fixed salary to employees).
  • Time savings (no need to spend time sorting goods, packaging, etc. Moreover, there is no need to train staff to perform such tasks).
  • High speed in performing necessary manipulations with various types of goods (even if a company has its own warehouses for storage, they may not always have the required number of forklift operators and necessary equipment to fully meet their needs, such as forklifts, cranes, etc.).

Where can you use the “Responsible Storage” service?

In Kyiv, there are three types of warehouses where you can take advantage of responsible storage services:

  1. Refrigerated warehouses are intended for storing products that do not require deep freezing, such as canned goods, juices, semi-finished products, baby food, and dairy products. The temperature range in these premises usually ranges from 0 to +5°C. Refrigerated warehouses provide gentle cooling, making them ideal for storing medications.
  2. Freezer warehouses are suitable for products that require deep freezing, such as ice cream, dumplings, fish, etc. The temperature in such premises can reach -22°C, allowing products to be stored for an extended period.
  3. Dry warehouses are used for storing various goods that do not require special temperature conditions. This category includes auto parts, home decor items, children’s toys, building materials, machines, and other cargoes.

All these types of warehouses provide the responsible storage service, guaranteeing the preservation of goods throughout the storage period.

However, nowadays more and more people prefer renting individual storage units rather than using responsible storage services. And it’s not surprising. Renting an individual storage unit has several advantages over the traditional option of responsible storage.

  1. Renting a warehouse unit within a professional storage service provides the opportunity for access at any convenient time, either independently or by using an access card and alarm PIN code. Furthermore, 24/7 access ensures convenience and comfort during the storage of belongings.
  2. Renting an individual storage unit offers flexible options for managing your own property. The client can choose the size of the unit and the storage period, allowing them to organize the space according to their preferences.
  3. Simple and transparent payment without utilities, box counting, or commission fees is another advantage of renting your own storage unit.
  4. Signing a contract only once during the initial visit eliminates the need for paperwork and formalities thereafter.
  5. There is no need for additional expenses on packing items and warehouse equipment. Transportation facilities are provided free of charge.

Thus, renting an individual storage unit provides a number of undeniable advantages compared to the traditional option of responsible storage.

At your service

Always a choice of storage units of different sizes, from 1 to 100 m2

Legal contract with flexible rental terms, ranging from one week to several years

Maintenance of temperature conditions, which is particularly important for furniture storage

No extra charges for unnecessary space. It is possible to reduce or increase the size of your storage unit at any time

24/7 access for company representatives, including weekends and holidays, with their access card and PIN code

Security guarantees, all our warehouses are owned by us

Regular maintenance of the storage facility, including cleaning, ventilation, pest control, and network checks

Clear and transparent billing with no hidden fees or utilities charges

Skladovka offers individual solutions that meet the needs of each client. We ensure a maximum level of comfort and convenience during the storage of your belongings in our warehouse.

Please contact us, and our managers will propose optimal options for storing your goods, items, equipment, furniture, and other items from your list.


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