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Temporary Storage Warehouse

Today, when temporary storage has become more popular and accessible, storage facilities not only store your goods but also allow for cost optimization for companies. Renting a temporary storage warehouse is an ideal solution for small businesses.

A temporary storage warehouse is a facility that can be rented for a short or long term, depending on the business’s needs. The storage premises are located in specialized buildings equipped with everything necessary for the safe storage of goods or cargo. There is also the option of daily storage if you only need to store the goods for one or a few days.

Advantages of temporary storage warehouses for small businesses:

  1. Cost savings. Temporary storage warehouses are offered at a lower price compared to warehouses in shopping centers or industrial complexes, allowing for savings on rental payments.
  2. Flexibility. Temporary storage warehouses can be rented for any term, from one day to several months. This is especially convenient for small businesses dealing with seasonal goods.
  3. Security. Temporary storage warehouses are equipped with modern security systems, including video surveillance and security personnel. All goods or cargo will be kept safe.
  4. Convenience. Temporary storage warehouses are located in convenient places, providing easy access to goods or cargo. The ability to choose a compartment of the required size to store the exact quantity of goods needed.
  5. No additional expenses. Renting a temporary storage warehouse includes all necessary services, such as electricity and water supply, avoiding additional expenses for utilities.

Utilizing the services of temporary storage warehouses is the optimal choice for one-time transactions. Unlike customs warehouses, temporary storage complexes provide free access to the cargo, allowing for measurements, weighing, and movement of goods inside the warehouse. The same advantages are offered by Skladovka, a modern self-storage warehouse in Kyiv. Renting a temporary storage warehouse is a convenient and cost-effective solution for small businesses. It allows you to keep your goods or cargo safe and ready for sale, as well as optimize expenses.

You will appreciate our conditions:

Always a choice of storage units of different sizes, from 1 to 100 m2

Legal contract with flexible rental terms, ranging from one week to several years

Maintenance of temperature conditions, which is particularly important for furniture storage

No extra charges for unnecessary space. It is possible to reduce or increase the size of your storage unit at any time

24/7 access for company representatives, including weekends and holidays, with their access card and PIN code

Security guarantees, all our warehouses are owned by us

Regular maintenance of the storage facility, including cleaning, ventilation, pest control, and network checks

Clear and transparent billing with no hidden fees or utilities charges

Contact Skladovka’s managers for renting a temporary storage warehouse, and you will become our valued customers.


Why choose us?

Convenient location

Security system

24/7 access

Selection of storage units

All warehouses are owned