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Warehouse Services for Seasonal Businesses

Seasonality is an important aspect when it comes to selling any product. The standard inventory of seasonal goods aims to cover the peak demand, but what should be done with the remaining goods after the season ends? Renting a permanent warehouse is not the optimal solution as most of the space would remain empty. In this case, it is recommended to utilize seasonal storage services.

Business owners care about proper storage for temporarily unused goods to preserve their consumer characteristics and appearance. Seasonal product storage is the most convenient way to organize storage for seasonal goods since the entrepreneur pays for the actual volume of the products stored and doesn’t overpay for empty space. They pay for storing a large quantity of goods during the season and only for the remaining goods outside the season. Therefore, it is an efficient solution for storing temporarily unused goods.

Seasonal storage service is beneficial for many types of businesses. For example, for physical or online stores selling clothing, footwear, sports equipment, household goods, advertising companies, event agencies, catering establishments, auto repair shops, auto stores, landscaping businesses, and more. Any businesses that experience seasonality and have significant fluctuations in warehouse stock should consider comparing the costs of maintaining their own warehouse versus the costs of responsible storage. The greater the fluctuations in inventory volume, the more advantageous responsible storage becomes.

What we offer:

Rental of storage units of various sizes, from 1 to 40 square meters

No additional fees—adjust the size of your storage unit as needed without extra charges

Payment only for the rental space—no utility or other fees

Flexible lease terms, ranging from one week to an indefinite period

Multi-level security system, video surveillance, and physical security

Open every day, including weekends and holidays—our storage facility is accessible 24/7

Free carts for transporting your belongings from the entrance to the storage unit

Maintenance of temperature and humidity levels

Every seasonal business is unique, and therefore, Skladovka’s services are individually tailored to each client.

Contact our managers online or by phone, and we will find the optimal solution for your company.


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